The Green Business Congress - Mission Zero

23 October 2013

A world of 9 billion people by mid-century will require fundamental changes in our mindsets, behaviors, cultures, and overarching paradigm. Similarly to breaking the Sound Barrier in the 1940s and 1950s, a new breed of innovator, entrepreneur and investor is lining up to break the Sustainability Barrier.

John Elkington introduces the Zeronauts – a new breed of innovator, determined to reduce problems such as carbon, waste, toxics, but also issues like poverty to zero. In order to move from incremental to transformative change, we must embrace wider framings, deeper insights, higher targets and longer time scales.

Get introduced to the Zeronauts, find new ways to grow without creating negative impacts, be inspired by practical cases and grow your network.

Belgian Business Awards for the Environment 2013

Immediately following the Green Business Congress you are invited to discover the award winners of the Belgian Business Awards for the Environment. This prestigious award rewards companies who demonstrate innovative, environmental and economic excellence. 25 Belgian companies participated in the competition to get awarded and participate in the European Business Awards for the Environment. Find out who takes home the first, second and third prize! Participation is free.

Our keynote speaker:

John Elkington
Author of 'The Zeronauts, Breaking the Sustainability Barrier'.
Originator of the Tripple Bottom Line, also known as the three pillars: people, planet, profit.
Founder of SustainAbility, internationally recognized expert on sustainability.

Inspriring cases by Deloitte, Nestlé, Electrabel, SITA, VITO and SUNSWITCH

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